Club Champs 2022

We finally ran a Club Championships again in 2022 after a few years off. Woo hoo!

Thank you to all that entered the selected races in 2022 (whether knowingly or not :D)

Clare ran away with the Ladies category, followed by Debbie and Rhian who tied on points, split only by the number of races entered. The Turners ran away with the Open category, great season from them both too. Joe Rumer stormed into third place. Well done to everyone, great to see so many MD competitors in 2022, let's keep it going into 2023!

Final Standings

Mynydd Du - 1st Place - Gold Multiwrap

Spiffy Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in Open and Ladies categories

Here are the basics...

  • Local races to keep our carbon footprint down and to support local ROs

  • 1st June to 31st Dec inclusive (just for 2022) to give people time to plan and train

  • Up to 4 counters to score (20-1 points for the first twenty Mynydd Du finishers)

  • Extra challenges (for bonus points) to keep it interesting throughout the year (see below)

  • Ladies and Open categories

  • Fabulous bespoke prizes up for grabs! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category will receive a bespoke Mynydd du buff!

So for example...

  • Running four of the counting races, say Coity, Fan y Big, Waun Fach and Sugarloaf could give you a maximum of 80 points (20 points x 4 races).

  • If you did one of the bonus point challenges you could get another 10 points for being the 1st place Mynydd Du runner

  • If you completed Brecon Beacons instead of the Sugarloaf Race you would have a Short, Medium and Long counter and would therefore get 5 extra bonus points

  • If you completed all eight counters you would get 1 extra point per race (4 extra points) and an extra bonus 3 points for completing all counting races.

  • If you broke the course record of one of the Races, say Black Mountains ;) then you would get an extra 10 points.

Please send any questions or angry hate mail to Steve Hepton and he will be happy to help :D

Results and challenge updates will be posted here on the website, on Facebook and sent out via email regularly. Happy competing!